Thursday, June 05, 2014

Biology, Ecological Change, and Native Species

Center for Environmental Research Lunchtime Lecture by Kevin M. Anderson

2014 Lunchtime Lecture theme – Nature and the American Mind

June Lunchtime Lecture: Biology, Ecological Change, and Native Species

Biology emerged as a science in American during the 19th Century debate over Darwin’s theory of evolution. That debate between Asa Gray and Louis Agassiz was won by Gray and the evolutionists, but Agassiz popularized biology as a science by urging teachers and students to study nature directly in the field. They and professional biologists surveyed American nature during a time of profound ecological change in America, and their legacy is still found in lists of “native” species whose numbers and distribution were in part the result of the ecological change wrought by the settlement of America. In my June lecture, I will recount the context and impacts of the emergence of biology as a science on our understanding of American Nature.

June 10 Tuesday NOON to 1pm at Waller Center, 625 East 10th Street [Between Red River and I-35]

June 11 Wednesday NOON to 1pm at Dougherty Arts Center, 1110 Barton Springs Road

June 18 Wednesday NOON to 1pm at Austin City Hall, Boards and Commissions Room 1st Floor

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