Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"The Wide World of Urban Nature"

Summary: We often think of nature as existing only in wild places far from the city, but life abounds even in the cracks of sidewalks—if you know how and when to look. Orion assembled a panel of urban ecologists from across North America—Beatrix Beisner, Liam Heneghan, and Kevin Anderson—for a wide-ranging discussion of urban nature and how this fascinating field of study is evolving.

~ listen to an audio recording of our recent live conversation w/ urban ecologists from across North America, here: Orion Magazine Interesting dialogue!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin

Fascinated by the Orion programme - would love to know more about the German research you mentioned questioning whether 'ancient' landscapes were innately more valuable than more recent urbanised ones? Not sure you got my previous comment about this?

kevin m anderson said...

Check Ingo Kowarik, Wild Urban Woodlands